Welcome to the Books section of our site.

In this section you will find a Release Calendar of books by Muslim authors and/or featuring Muslim characters by large and small press publishers, as well as some independent works. You will also find individual Reviews posted by us as well as some guest reviews of books. Click on Book Discussions to find us discussing, agreeing and disagreeing with each other about a book of the month. Last, but certainly not least are our Author Interviews relating to their work, personal role and thoughts about literature about, produced or for Muslims.

Just as we are not a monolithic group of Youth Services/New Adult Services librarians, the Muslim community at large, both in the United States and across the world is made up of different individuals with different practices, opinions, cultures and ways of live. We want to reflect that in our reviews and give the larger Muslim community the nuance that all people deserve. For that reason, while we may review some material that is intended to be didactic or pedagogical, we are looking at different genres of literature from all authors and characters that are identified, either by word, sight or context, as Muslim. We are reviewing books based on the quality of their content, accuracy in representation and authenticity of narrative. It is ultimately up to the reader or the institution to determine whether books will be added to their collections, but urge readers to expand their reading by considering recommended titles.